“Divia challenged me several times when I lapsed into staying in a certain perspective or refusing to be objective because I was too certain of seeing things through a certain paradigm. I really appreciated that.”

-Anthony Broussard.,  Programmer,  Austin


“I felt like my brain had been massaged.”

-Stephanie M.,  Programmer,  Mountain View

When we began using IFS, I was skeptical but optimistic about what I considered to be a slightly different variation on meditation. I was quickly surprised at how easy the IFS techniques made it to consider emotions and feelings which I had simply labeled part of my everyday life. From my very first exercise I could feel my awareness of my own thoughts and inner chorus grow.

I was also very surprised that this, far from being simply a more active form of meditation, allowed for immediate and tangible results- it helped me move from ‘just not a morning person,’ to someone who valued the part of me that wants some time to ready myself for the day. That alone made living with me much more tolerable, according to my girlfriend! The difference was that I could communicate the desire to have some me time without becoming angry that it had been interrupted, because I was used to talking about it without letting it drive my actions thanks to IFS.

Divia taught me the basics of IFS, but the beauty of IFS is that it’s a self-driven discipline. Once you have been taught the central concepts, whether you choose to follow established methods or go off on your own is up to you. Having learned IFS from Divia has given me license to be more emotionally available to myself and others without acting childish in expressing myself. I find that these abilities have been very useful professionally- excitement, hope, determination, and confidence are feelings too, and as an entrepreneur I depend on communicating them well. Divia’s lessons in IFS have given me even more ability to inspire others and myself.

I would recommend that people looking for an active form of meditation (as opposed to breathing exercises or stillness meditation) which involves their imagination give IFS a try. I would highly recommend it for people with active imaginations who have had trouble accessing their emotions in the past. If you’ve ever been told you work too much or ‘can’t turn off,’ IFS will give you a way to turn the forces that drive you into smiling, heartfelt conversation through direct practice.

Divia’s particular teaching style is very well-suited to IFS. I was initially skeptical but good-humored, and her approach gave me enough examples to get the hang of it without making me feel micromanaged. She is an excellent listener and not judgmental of your early attempts–her great sense of humor diffuses embarrassment into smiles and laughter before it can interfere with the learning process. She honestly wants to see you succeed, and her hope and exuberance infuse every session.

It was a big moment for me to realize that I was placing priority on certain emotions at the expense of others, without even considering whether they were in conflict. IFS taught me that feelings and emotions are not zero-sum- there doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser. Divia encouraged this acceptance implicitly in her teaching style. It still struck me powerfully.

I chose to do IFS with Divia because it sounded like a great conversation piece if nothing else. I continued working on IFS with Divia because I made immediate progress and felt more emotionally balanced than I ever had. I still use IFS on a daily basis to stay centered and focused on satisfying and balancing desires instead of wasting energy fighting them, and I still consult Divia for her expertise and experience.

– Peter Sheyer, United States Air Force Airman First Class

Divia is truly an amazing, inspirational force when it comes to IFS. I had watched her ability with others before, and was impressed by the calmly assertive, nonjudgmental and uniquely helpful ways that she
guided them through varied personal conflicts and memories. Her process led people to face different aspects of themselves and explore emotions both deep-seeded and new ones uncovered throughout the sessions.

Her advanced skill-level is more than evident, and it is bolstered even further by her confidence and enthusiasm. No topic is too big or too small to be undeserving of attention and resolution. She seems innately aware of when to listen and when to step in with instruction, observation and sound advice.

As a total novice to IFS, I was curious but skeptical to try it myself. After less than twenty minutes under Divia’s guidance, I found myself crying — the good kind of crying, tears of relief and release. She had taken me on a journey to the heart of a long-plaguing problem, helped to identify causes I had long repressed, and had me address them head-on. It is an experience I will not forget, and am still grateful for; my only regret is that I cannot experience Divia’s IFS wisdom on a daily basis.

-Kaila H

I was introduced to Divia during one of the most challenging periods of my life. The relationship I had to my first love was disintegrating. I was drowning in a sea of unresolved emotion. Divia’s caring voice saw me through the discord of conflicting desires to a state of peace.  The wonder and excitement for healing she brings to therapy is unique among those in her field. She stoked the fires of my imagination during our sessions and allowed me to reshape wounded parts of my psyche into something healthy. I have been changed by her efforts into a stronger man. At no time in my life have I ever been happier. She is a gifted practitioner.

-Adam W

I am writing to thank you for the work you did with me and to acknowledge the difference you have made. When I accepted your offer to do IFS work with me, I was interested in figuring out why I struggle so hard with motivation for creative endeavors. Through our work together you helped me uncover resistances and fears that were formed in my mind at a very young age due to various family circumstances. Some of the things you taught me that made the most impact were the awareness of my ability to hide things from myself and that the powerful methods you used with me could help me start healing and addressing some of the underlying protection mechanisms I had built up.

The impact on my relationship with myself has been to re-examine my own motivations and drives to do the things I do and seek out a clearer idea of what it is I want in life that I believe will make me happiest. This includes reassessing my social relationships, discovering the hidden assumptions I have had about them, stepping back from my beliefs about what I want and trying to let my body and my intuition teach me more about what really works for me. The impact of your work on my productivity has been to decrease my reluctance to spend time on creative projects that are important to me. Since our work together, I’ve found myself less resistant to working on those projects and more excited about them.

I’ve also learned in general that I need to question myself more often when I believe I want something and ask myself to really figure out why I think I want it and take more time to make decisions about my goals before just acting. Most importantly, I’ve regained hope in my ability to achieve the things I want to achieve and am grateful to you for providing therapeutic tools, compassion, and patience that have made that possible.

-Dave J

Divia is insightful, perceptive, and impressively knowledgeable about IFS. She provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment for a conversation with one’s Parts.  She is able to stay nonreactive yet empathetic when the conversation becomes difficult.


Am making more realistic choices in what I look at and consider.  Other shifts – more mellow hopefully.  Recognizing when I am in charge and when the shadow has control.

-Feather Tickles