Updated Anki Decks

I used to have a bunch of Anki decks up on the internet, until Posterous stopped hosting the files. I’ve gotten some requests for them to be reuploaded, so here they are!

(Sadly, they’re not updated. I want to cull unnecessary cards because some of these decks are huge and make it so the clozes are done in the Anki 2.0 style, but that would take more time than I had today.)

  • Romeo Stevens
  • Auroch

    Lucid Dreaming appears to be broken, and several others were exported including spacing information, which makes them very difficult for someone else to use.

  • The first link is broken; here’s the correct link.

  • Marcin Moskala

    What is the deck “112 Life Principles” based on?

    • WilliamEden

      Divia came up with that from scratch! :)